June 23rd, 2016 – Rennes, France

Biotrial is pleased to announce its presence at the ID2Santé 30th Anniversary Event tomorrow in Bruz, France to present innovation in electroencephalography (EEG) evaluation. The event, celebrating advancements made by Brittany’s health and medical companies over the last 30 years, highlights advances by leaders in the industry. Jean-Marc Gandon, President of ID2Santé and Founder, President & CEO of Biotrial, is excited to be in attendance at this milestone event.

Philippe L’Hostis, Head of the Biotrial Core Lab, will attend and be presenting Biotrial’s EEG expertise in clinical trials. Biotrial, founded in Brittany and leader in pharmacology research for 27 years, continues to invest in platforms dedicated to innovative exams including EEG signal evaluation. Biotrial’s state-of-the-art clinical facilities are equipped with the latest technology and highly-trained staff, resulting in EEG recordings of exceptional quality. Biotrial experts collaborate regularly with well-known researchers and entities around the world, working towards breakthroughs in neuro-psychiatric illness research.

The ID2Santé 30th Anniversary event includes a look back at the history of Brittany’s health industry developments, as well as a look forward to future innovative projects. Different themes will be studied, including round tables on advances in clinical research, biotechnology, health technology and eHealth.

About Biotrial
Founded in 1989 and specializing in Early Development, Biotrial provides solutions from in-vivo pharmacology through early clinical development to proof of concept, bringing a wealth of expertise to the study design process. With locations in Rennes, Mulhouse (Basel area), London, Montreal and New Jersey, Biotrial’s service lines include Non-Clinical Pharmacology, Phase I, Patient Studies, Bioanalysis, Core Lab (QT/QTc Trials, Psychometric Testing, Imaging, EEG/PSG Assessment), Oncology, Data Management, Biostatistics, Medical Writing, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs.

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