Our Added Value

260 Phase I Beds

Possessing one of the largest clinical capacities in Europe and a new CPU in the US, Biotrial has the flexibility to seamlessly run a large variety of early clinical studies. Biotrial performs trials ranging from complex TQT studies requiring a significant number of subjects, through to first-to-file studies (BA/BE) necessitating rapid set-up.

Hospital Setting for Early Clinical Development

The location of Biotrial within a hospital environment facilitates access to medical and scientific expertise, cutting-edge research equipment (fMRI, PET, Cyclotron), and provides reassuring proximity to emergency units for First-in-Human trials.

Early Patient Studies – Eastern Europe

By combining the favorable regulatory environment in Western Europe with the fast and efficient patient recruitment in Eastern Europe, Biotrial streamlines the management of even the most complex and challenging studies.

Specialized Areas & Services for Complex Pharmacodynamic Assessments

Our units have been designed with dedicated areas for the evaluation of challenging pharmacodynamic end-points in various therapeutic areas such as CNS, cardiology and respiratory, all of which require an optimal environment for the generation of quality data. We have a dedicated Core Lab which provides efficient and adapted solutions for the central management of cardiovascular and imaging assessments and a division called Biotrial Neuroscience providing services in CNS pharmacodynamics, EEG, ERPs, PSG and sleep studies.

Highly Experienced Staff

With 24-hour on-site medical supervision, Biotrial has a pool of experienced investigators, physicians, study nurses and study technicians, who are specifically trained in early phase trials. Our project team, including data managers, statisticians and clinical trial managers, is located at the same site as the medical and scientific staff, ensuring flawless study execution.