Non-Clinical Pharmacology Overview

Drug development is an exciting challenge.

The Biotrial Non-Clinical Pharmacology unit gathers passionate scientists able to support your journey to biomedical innovation. We offer our scientific expertise, dedication, and knowledge in non-clinical drug discovery and development to help you in the evaluation of the efficacy and safety of your product. Our in vivo models cover different therapeutic areas including CNS, oncology, respiratory, and cardiovascular.

Our work is performed by highly experienced staff with decades of collective experience in state-of-the-art, AAALAC accredited facilities that place a strong emphasis on animal well-being. Acknowledged for our flexibility and scientific expertise, we look forward to partnering with you to design and develop innovative experimental models that propel your project forward.

Sponsor Feedback on Biotrial’s Non-Clinical Services

“What we are currently doing with your group, we could not do with another CRO. The level of scientific input and your flexibility is very much appreciated!”

 - US Pharma Company

“Thank you for this thorough and high-quality final report. We appreciate the close communication and flexibility that your group exhibited during the planning and execution of these studies.”

- US Pharma Company

“Thank you for your careful work on these studies and the timely communications to me. The results are orderly and of high quality.” 

 - US Pharma Company

“We really appreciate the flexibility and communication levels from Biotrial. It is a nice collaboration.

 - Japanese Pharma Company

“As like the previous report, very nice work and thorough documentation of the study. It has been a pleasure working with you and your group on these studies.”

 - US Pharma Company