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Biotrial, a mid-size Contract Research Organization (CRO), was founded in 1989.

As a full-service CRO, Biotrial offers innovative solutions to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, from Preclinical to patient phase studies: covering phase I, Biometrics, bioanalytical, and Core Lab services.

Initially a single man’s idea, Biotrial has since evolved into a global enterprise.


History of Biotrial

Biotrial was created by Jean-Marc Gandon, Pharm D. His purpose was to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies develop their drugs with a trusted subcontractor.

The idea of creating a CRO came during his last year of pharmacy studies in the US. The aim was to provide high-quality services to Pharma and Biotech companies with tailor-made services to develop and test new therapies.

Since 1989, Biotrial has evolved from a visionary’s idea into a thriving global company with a large and dedicated workforce spanning multiple countries.

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Biotrial’s mission is to support innovative companies throughout their drug development process, with the goal of expediting the delivery of effective treatments to patients. As a human-size CRO, we value each project, our team of experts is committed to the proper conduct of each trial and to meeting sponsor needs. By providing our sponsors with the best expertise on selected projects, we ensure the highest quality and fastest delivery on all projects performed. At Biotrial what we do, we do well!

Our long experience in medical research allowed us to develop a wide range of services from Preclinical to clinical studies (phase 1 in Healthy Volunteers & special populations, and patient trial management) including Bioanalysis, Data Management, Biostatistics, Medical Writing, and Core lab activities.

Flexibility and adaptability are the keys to success; therefore, we are proud to be able to respond to your unique specific needs or offer a full-package solution. Constant innovation allows us to better adapt to evolving demands.

At Biotrial we are dedicated to providing the best quality services, with a rigorous Quality Assurance policy, frequent training of our teams, and specific accreditations from legal authorities.


An experienced team

Biotrial’s evolution into a global full-service CRO was spearheaded by Jean-Marc Gandon, who prioritized building a team of skilled and motivated professionals to expand the company’s services and locations to cater to the ever-changing requirements of sponsors.

Biotrial’s seasoned leadership team boasts several years of tenure, with some members present since the company’s founding in 1989. Their expertise and experience span all stages of drug development, with each team member possessing a specialized field of knowledge.

This long-standing cohesion and stability within the team enables efficient collaboration and smooth communication within Biotrial.

Passionate and talented scientists

When planning your next study, our knowledgeable experts are here to help!

We take immense pride in our global team, united by a common goal of advancing research and enhancing medical science and comprised of highly skilled and committed professionals who strive for excellence in their respective fields.

Since our inception and continuing to this day, Biotrial actively contributes to funding university programs dedicated to research, a source of great pride as we support the education of the next generation of scientists.

By recruiting top scientists and medical experts and investing in future talent, we ensure that we surpass quality standards and meet the specific requirements of our sponsors.

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Our Added Value

  • Extensively trained and experienced staff, passionate about their work
  • Vast experience with different types of studies with small & large molecules, biologics, medical devices & diagnostic tests
  • All the services under 1 roof, a ‘one-stop-shop’ CRO
  • Exceeding quality standards
  • Client-oriented mindset
  • Global presence

What Makes Biotrial Unique


Availability of Biotrial’s scientific experts


Customizable solutions –stand-alone or full package


Diverse but focused/specialized service offering

Innovation 1

Innovative models and processes


High Quality deliverables


Flexible mindset to keep projects moving efficiently

Biotrial’s Values

Biotrial is founded on a strong set of values that serve as the cornerstone of our company’s identity.

Innovation (1)


At Biotrial, innovation drives us to adapt and excel in the ever-evolving field of medical research. We embrace new models, techniques, and discoveries to better support our sponsors.



At Biotrial, quality is our standard. We strive to exceed expectations and deliver excellence in all our endeavors.



At Biotrial, we embrace diversity and take pride in our multicultural workforce. All of our departments work hand in hand to share their unique expertise in order to provide the best possible response to our sponsors.



Transparency is a strong value at Biotrial. We communicate with our sponsors, partners and employees in the most straightforward way possible.

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