Core lab Services

Biotrial offers a wide range of Core Lab services for studies performed in our facilities, as well as a stand-alone service for trials performed all over the world.


More about the Core Lab

With over 35 years of experience in clinical trials, Biotrial has gathered unparalleled experience in the implementation of pharmacological evaluation tools.

Biotrial’s Core Lab offers timely and cost-effective solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry for central management of clinical endpoints with high-quality data guaranteed.

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Core Lab Fundamentals

In each area of expertise, Biotrial’s Core Lab delivers:

  • Medical and Scientific consulting services for trial design and endpoint selection
  • State-of-the-art equipment with worldwide logistics and technical support
  • Site training and support to ensure data quality
  • Secured data collection infrastructure with continuous data quality monitoring
  • Readings performed by qualified experts (neurologists, cardiologists, radiologists…)
  • Statistical analysis and expert reports

Added values



Rapid responses to questions and full support throughout each project

Customer Support

Extended Service Line

Able to support sponsor’s projects in a wide variety of therapeutic areas

Certificate (1)


Recognized expertise to assist sponsors in trial design, endpoint selection, statistical analyses


Stable Team

Facilitating long-lasting partnerships and project accountability

our team

The Core Lab team includes various members with the expertise required for:

  • Clinical project management
  • Logistics
  • Signal processing
  • Data Management
  • Pharmacology
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