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Biotrial is a leading clinical research organization (CRO) specializing in early clinical development. For over three decades, we have been at the forefront of advancing medical science and supporting the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Our dedicated team of experts provides full-service solutions to expedite the clinical trial process, helping biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry accelerate their drug development programs.


More about Biotrial’s Clinical Services 

Biotrial is the go-to partner for biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry seeking expertise in conducting Early-phase clinical programs. Our comprehensive services encompass everything from First-in-Human studies to Proof-of-Concept trials. With our deep understanding of various therapeutic areas and commitment to patient safety, we ensure the assessment of drug candidates’ safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics profiles.

Biotrial has emerged as a key CRO for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, collaborating with pharmaceutical and biotechnology sponsors on a global scale. We operate advanced clinical facilities in Europe and the USA, equipped with state-of-the-art research technology and a total bed capacity of 260. As a trusted partner, we provide biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry with the necessary infrastructure and support to conduct successful clinical trials.

Biotrial Clinical Cpu Newark
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State-of-the-Art CRO Units for Successful Trials 

Biotrial’s Phase I units, strategically located near renowned University hospitals, provide easy access to top-notch medical and scientific expertise. Our purpose-built Phase I facilities in France and the USA, boasting 150 and 110 beds respectively, are specifically designed to manage and conduct early-phase clinical trials. Equipped with different-sized wards, including high-care and telemetry beds, our facilities ensure optimal patient care and safety.

Biotrial’s reputation for adhering to strict deadlines and maintaining unwavering flexibility has made us the preferred partner for biotechnology sponsors worldwide. Our commitment to high-quality standards and efficient trial management ensures the timely initiation and execution of studies, enabling biotechnology sponsors to bring innovative therapies to market faster.

Added values of a leading CRO

Hospital Bed

260 beds – US & France

State-of-the-art Phase I clinics in Rennes, FR and NJ, USA


Broad Experience

Over 35 years across thousands of Phase I studies

Certificate (1)


Our qualified and experienced staff employ the latest technology to ensure success


Full-service offer & Efficiency

Short study initiation, timelines & cost management

our team

At Biotrial, our dedicated team of clinical research professionals works tirelessly to support biotechnology sponsors throughout the entire clinical trial journey. From highly skilled investigators, physicians, and study nurses to data managers, statisticians, and clinical trial managers, our integrated project team possesses the expertise necessary to navigate the complex landscape of early-phase clinical trials.

Biotrial collaborates with leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and sponsors worldwide. We understand the unique challenges faced by biotechnology firms and offer tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

Whether it’s recruitment, regulatory compliance, or monitoring services, our experienced team is dedicated to helping biotechnology sponsors achieve their clinical research objectives.

With a passion for advancing medical science, Biotrial is proud to be a driving force in the biotechology and pharmaceutical industry.

Our commitment to excellence, extensive experience in managing contract research projects, and expertise in medical devices make us the preferred partner for biotechnology sponsors seeking reliable and efficient solutions.

Join us in shaping the future of medicine through groundbreaking clinical research.


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