Preclinical Services

Biotrial’s preclinical pharmacology unit offers a comprehensive range of services to support the drug discovery and development process, from in vitro to in vivo pharmacology studies. Our team of experienced scientists has over 35 years of experience in designing and conducting preclinical studies, and we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality data and support.


Our Preclinical Services

Drug Efficacy

Biotrial’s drug efficacy services assess the therapeutic potential of your drug candidates using a diverse range of disease models. We use our expertise in pharmacology, biochemistry, and molecular biology to design and execute studies that measure the effects of your drug on disease-related biomarkers and endpoints.

Our drug efficacy services include:

In vitro assays: We screen your drug candidates against a variety of targets and cell lines to identify those with the most promising activity.

In vivo models: Our evaluations extend to a variety of animal disease models, where we assess the efficacy and safety of your drug candidates.

Translational studies: Acting as a bridge between preclinical findings and clinical applications, we perform studies predicting the efficacy and safety of your drug candidates in humans.

Drug Safety

Biotrial’s drug safety services are dedicated to evaluating the safety profile of your drug candidates using advanced animal models. Our deep expertise in pharmacology and pathology enables us to design and execute comprehensive studies, measuring the impact of your drugs on critical organ systems and overall physiological health.

Our drug safety services include:

Safety pharmacology studies: We assess the potential effects of your drug candidates on vital organ systems, including the cardiovascular, respiratory, central nervous systems, and others, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the drug’s safety profile.

Safety De-risking: Our approach is designed to mitigate risks, minimize time delays, and reduce the costs associated with advancing basic research compounds.


Biotrial’s pharmacokinetic services assess the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of your drug candidates. Our analytical chemical experts and biostatisticians design and conduct studies that precisely measure the concentration of your drug in blood and tissues over time, providing critical insights for optimizing drug development.

Our pharmacokinetic services include:

Preclinical PK studies: We assess the pharmacokinetics of our sponsor’s drug candidates in rodents and non-rodents to determine their optimal dosing and formulation.

Pharmacokinetic modeling and simulation: We use pharmacokinetic data to develop models that predict the concentration of your drug in blood and tissues over time.

In Vivo Pharmacokinetics

Advanced analysis methods, including: Non-compartmental analysis (NCA), Compartmental analysis (CA) for mechanism understanding (e.g.: bi-phasic profiles), Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic analysis, and Population pharmacokinetics

Safety De-risking: Our safety de-risking efforts aim to mitigate risks, avoid time delays, and reduce the costs associated with progressing basic research compounds, ensuring a safer and more efficient pathway through drug development.

Model Development

Biotrial’s model development services help you select and develop the best animal models for your drug discovery and development program. We use our expertise in disease modeling, and pharmacology to design and develop models that recapitulate the key features of your target disease and can be used to assess the efficacy and safety of your drug candidates.

Our model development services include:

Disease modeling: We develop novel disease models that can be used to assess the efficacy and safety of your drug candidates.

Model validation: Our team rigorously validates existing disease models to ensure that they are suitable for your drug discovery and development program.

Model selection: We offer expert guidance in selecting the most suitable animal models for your drug discovery and development endeavors, tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions that optimize the chances of clinical success.

Biotrial’s Preclinical Solutions

Our 2,500 m²/ 27,000 sq ft preclinical labs are state-of-the-art, AAALAC-accredited facilities that house multiple species. We place a strong emphasis on animal welfare and use the latest technologies to ensure that our studies are conducted humanely and ethically

Our Expertise:

  • Study design: We work with our clients to develop the most appropriate study design for their specific objectives.
  • Data analysis: We use state-of-the-art methods to analyze data from our studies and provide our clients with clear and concise reports.
  • Model development: We develop and validate preclinical models of human disease to help our clients understand the potential of new drug candidates.

Factors to consider in a preclinical research partner selection.

The preclinical development of a drug involves a complex network of interconnected studies. Engaging a preclinical research partner who can oversee and conduct most, if not all, of the necessary preclinical research, will simplify the contracting process, streamline assay transfer, and facilitate smooth transitions between different sets of studies and activities.

It is advisable to collaborate with a preclinical research partner who possesses a rich and diverse scientific knowledge base, as this will contribute to the efficient and successful progression of a drug development program. Such partners are well-versed in the nuances of the target and potential safety concerns, which is crucial for designing appropriate preclinical studies. They can also anticipate the specific areas of focus for regulatory authorities. Furthermore, their experience and expertise become invaluable when unforeseen challenges arise, typically a matter of “when” rather than “if.” A proficient CRO partner can swiftly assess such situations and propose rational solutions.

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Translational Approach

At Biotrial, we work with our clinical colleagues and the neighboring hospital


Collaborative way of working

A high degree of collaboration between project managers and study monitors


Scientific Consulting

Our extensive network and experience will aid you in designing the best experimental model for your studies

Our team

Biotrial’s team is composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals with a strong commitment to quality. Our zootechnicians, lab technicians, study directors, lab managers, and veterinarians are each committed to providing our clients with the highest quality preclinical services. We are confident that our team has the expertise and experience necessary to help you achieve your research goals.

Biotrial preclinical team

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