Translational Activities

Biotrial has established Strategic Translational Groups, actively working on the development of innovative models and tools in both Oncology and EEG.

Each group is composed of Biotrial, scientific and medical experts. Our clinicians and researchers are working together to generate more predictive models of disease and new techniques and tools to assess efficacy and outcomes in early stage and proof concept projects .


Translational Oncology Group:

We are currently involved in several promising and exciting programs:

  • Development of Glioblastoma Multiform Cancer Model using Tumor Stem Cells from patient tumors
  • Development of a Triple Negative Breast Cancer Model using Cancer Stem Cell isolated from patient tumors
  • Development of Lymphoma models in Dogs




Translational EEG Group:

Biotrial is pleased to announce the creation of its Translational EEG Group, a cross-functional team within Biotrial focused on strengthening links internally between its non-clinical and clinical EEG departments, along with its external academic experts. Biotrial is recognized as a leader in clinical EEG, offering safety EEG, qEEG, ERP and polysomnography (sleep EEG) studies. Through the Translational EEG Group, this expertise and experience has been shared with the non-clinical team in establishing rodent EEG. With additional guidance from the LTSI (Laboratoire Traitement du Signal et de l'Image) Group at the University of Rennes, Biotrial can now offer rat EEG studies to evaluate seizure liability and qEEG studies for the development  of a translatable biomarker to guide clinical studies.


Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about these projects and their progress.