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Biotrial Contributes to Groundbreaking Study on Circulating Tumor Cells in Lung Cancer Patients

Innovative Workflow for Early Diagnosis and Monitoring of Small Cell Lung Cancer

Charles Ricordel and Rémy Pedeux from the INSERM U1242 OSS unit participated in the study titled “Genomic characteristics and clinical significance of CD56+ circulating tumor cells in small cell lung cancer” which was recently published in Scientific Reports.

It presents a novel and user-friendly workflow for identifying, counting, and isolating CD56+ circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in whole blood samples from a cohort of 33 newly diagnosed SCLC patients at the INSERM institution. The identification and isolation of CD56+ CTCs in SCLC patients provide a valuable tool for early diagnosis and monitoring of disease progression.

Biotrial is proud to have contributed to this groundbreaking study, which will undoubtedly lead to better treatments and outcomes for lung cancer patients. Our ability to implement numerous new preclinical models in oncology puts us at the forefront of cancer research, and we are committed to advancing the field through innovative approaches and collaborations.

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