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Discover Biotrial’s Core Lab EEG services: 4-Episode Series

To help you explore its Core Lab service, Biotrial has created a 4-episode series dedicated to EEG. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of EEG, from explaining Biotrial’s services and resources to demonstrating the step-by-step process of EEG recording. In this series, you’ll also get an exclusive tour of Biotrial’s EEG unit and witness how the equipment is installed at clinical sites.

Biotrial’s Core Lab is an expert at assisting clinical sites worldwide in performing EEG measures. These measures include providing devices, on-site training staff to perform recordings, supporting the sites throughout the trial, and centrally analyzing the data captured.

Episode 1 🎬

▶️ For this episode, Philippe l’Hostis, Core Lab Unit Director and Mathieu Grace, Product Manager explain Biotrial’s EEG services and resources to meet clinical research needs. Biotrial strives to provide the most accurate and reliable EEG results most efficiently and cost-effectively.

Episode 2 🎬

▶️ Discover how Biotrial performs an EEG recording step-by-step:

✅ Step 1- Measuring the head circumference
✅ Step 2- Fitting of the EEG cap
✅ Step 3- Filling the EEG electrode with gel
✅ Step 4- Checking the electrodes impedances
✅ Step 5 -Performing the EEG recording

Episode 3 🎬

▶️ Biotrial provides a detailed tour of our EEG unit and gives an overview of monitoring a volunteer’s sleep during a study in our unit. Watch the video to get an inside look of our EEG unit!

Episode 4 🎬

In this episode, our expert gives you a demonstration of the installation of EEG equipment at a clinical site. The procedure is convenient and straightforward since all the necessary equipment is conveniently packed into two secure suitcases.

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