Introducing François Peaucelle as Biotrial’s New CEO

Biotrial would like to announce the start of an exciting new chapter for our organization with François Peaucelle as our new CEO. François is well-positioned to lead Biotrial into the future with a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success.

François Peaucelle brings extensive leadership experience to his role as CEO of Biotrial, initially joining the company in 2002, and has played a crucial role in Biotrial’s historical growth and success.

“Research is primarily a matter of men and women. At Biotrial, we are fortunate to be a united and experienced team. Together, we want to continue developing Biotrial to better support our clients in their projects, by listening to them, speaking truthfully, and maintaining high standards of quality.”

-François Peaucelle

Strong Leadership and Continuity

François Peaucelle’s appointment as CEO of Biotrial will be supported by a highly skilled senior team, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity within the organization. Working closely with François are Chief Executives Nicolas Fauchoux and Romuald Loncle, who bring their extensive experience and strategic guidance to drive Biotrial’s success.

In addition to the Chief Executives, Biotrial’s Executive Committee comprises a group of seasoned professionals who play integral roles in the company’s operations, including Christophe Drieu La Rochelle, Viviane Guermont, Stéphanie Le Goaller, Frédérique Lemaux-Duvillier, Gavin Lewis, Philippe l’Hostis, Anne Péron, and Valérie Philippot. Each member brings a unique skill set and expertise to their respective positions, ensuring a comprehensive approach to decision-making and organizational management.

With a collective wealth of knowledge and a shared commitment to excellence, the senior team and Executive Committee will collaborate closely with François Peaucelle to implement Biotrial’s strategic initiatives, drive innovation, and maintain the company’s position at the forefront of the industry.

A Brief Biography of François Peaucelle

Biotrial François

François Peaucelle is a 1990 graduate of Sciences Po with a career in the pharmaceutical and clinical research industry spanning several decades. François has held several key positions within Biotrial since 2002, including Secretary-General, Director-General, and CFO. 

Beyond his role at Biotrial, François Peaucelle is also actively involved in the ‘Rennes Fondation 1’, serving as President. 

We are confident that François Peaucelle’s appointment as CEO will propel Biotrial to new heights, solidifying our position as a leader in the clinical research field. 

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