Biotrial and IGDR Join forces to Develop Innovative Anticancer Drugs

Biotrial and the IGDR (Institute of Genetics and Development of Rennes) research team have recently been awarded funding from “France Relance” to work on a joint R&D project in comparative oncology. The team, led by Dr. C. André and Dr. B. Hédan, worked together to develop new models to enable the development of innovative anticancer drugs.

A Collaborative Effort to Advance Cancer Research and Treatment Development

This project is the continuation of a collaboration initiated in 2020 within the joint laboratory Oncotrial. The laboratory aims to set up new models that will help researchers better understand cancer and develop new treatments. The funding from “France Relance” will help the team to expand their research and further develop their models.

The funding from “France Relance” comes at a crucial time, as cancer remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, cancer is responsible for an estimated 10 million deaths per year. This collaboration between Biotrial and the IGDR research team is an exciting development in the field of oncology. By combining their expertise and resources, they have the potential to make significant progress toward developing new treatments and improving our understanding of this devastating disease.

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