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Innovative upcoming Preclinical model for small cell lung cancer

Biotrial, Parean Biotechnologies, and the “Oncogenesis Stress Signaling” laboratory (U1242 INSERM/Université de Rennes) located in Brittany are collaborating to develop a new preclinical model for small cell lung cancer. This 3-year project, named MESHCAP, aims to create an innovative model of small cell lung cancer that combines a controlled microbiota, a human immune system, and tumor cells from patients.

Pr Samer Kayal, microbiologist at Rennes University Hospital and OSS : “In microbiota studies, humans cannot be used for fecal transplantation experiments for obvious ethical reasons. The only model currently available is murine humanization by fecal transplantation. MESHCAP is an innovative project which, through the joint humanization of the murine immune system, will enable us to better understand the role of the microbiota, both in understanding the pathophysiology of cancers and in adapting existing and future anti-cancer treatments for humans”

MESHCAP represents more than just a scientific initiative. For Biotrial, it represents a commitment to pushing the boundaries of oncology research and providing sponsors with new expertise to develop novel therapies for cancers.

This project is funded by France 2030, Région Bretagne and Saint-Malo agglomeration. This project is supported by Biotech Santé Bretagne and Atlanpole Biotherapies.

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