The Journey of Séverine Le Helloco

Empowering Women in the World of Science


Discovering Biotrial: From Telemarketing to Recruitment Supervisor

Séverine’s journey at Biotrial began unexpectedly through a temporary position. Before joining Biotrial she had worked in telemarketing as a Production Manager, where she felt a lack of purpose in her role. Driven by the desire for meaningful work, Séverine took a leap of faith, leveraging her managerial skills and telephone experience to embark on a new path. Despite lacking formal qualifications in the field- having studied History with a focus on Geography- she was offered a position at Biotrial to conduct outbound calls voluntarily.

Immersed in an environment previously unfamiliar to her, Séverine found herself aligned with Biotrial’s values and a mission that resonated deeply. Four months later, she signed a permanent contract, marking the beginning of a remarkable 22-year journey. Progressing step by step, from Client Relations to Administrative Assistant for the clinical unit and physicians, Séverine eventually transitioned to her current role as the Recruitment supervisor.

Navigating Challenges in the scientific field

For Séverine, the greatest challenge was integrating into the field of science without any scientific background. Overcoming this hurdle required years of advocacy to recognize and appreciate diverse skill sets. She firmly believes that medical research encompasses not only scientific rigor but also regulatory compliance, organizational skills, anticipation, and effective communication. Séverine's persistence and dedication have played an important role in reshaping perceptions and fostering inclusivity within the scientific community.

Shaping the Role of Women in Science and Clinical Research Leadership

In her role, Séverine sees herself as a catalyst for raising awareness about the significance of Phase 1 clinical trials. Contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge is both personally and professionally fulfilling for her. As a woman and a mother, prioritizing health and well-being is essential, and she finds reassurance in knowing that her work contributes to improving healthcare outcomes through research. She may not directly treat patients or analyze data, but her role is pivotal in supporting and facilitating the research process.

Empowering Future Generations

To young women aspiring to pursue careers in science or traditionally male-dominated fields, Séverine offers a simple yet powerful piece of advice: perseverance. At Biotrial, meritocracy prevails, and quality work ultimately triumphs. 

Séverine's story exemplifies resilience, determination, and the transformative power of perseverance in breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations of women in science. Through her leadership and advocacy, she contributes to inspiring and empowering women to realize their full potential in the world of science and beyond.

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