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Biotrial’s CNS breakfast events

Biotrial recently held a series of three breakfast events focused on "Translational Strategies for Successful Early CNS Drug Development." These events were hosted in life science hubs in US.

Biotrial was honored to welcome key figures from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. These events provided a platform for engaging in discussions on crucial translational approaches in CNS drug development, fostering collaboration and innovation within the community.

Sharing expertise in CNS drug development

The breakfast series featured presentations by two of Biotrial’s leading experts:

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  • Florian Adraoui, Preclinical Expert
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  • Mathieu Grace, Core Lab Expert
CNS breakfast series_biotrial

The agenda covered a comprehensive range of translational strategies in CNS drug development, including:

  • Back-translational approach for EEG: Exploring how preclinical data can inform and improve clinical research.
  • Telemetry recording in rodents: Discussing advanced techniques for monitoring and analyzing rodent behavior and physiology.
  • Translational aspects of QEEG: Highlighting the importance of quantitative EEG in bridging the gap between preclinical and clinical research.
  • ASSR, MMN, auditory gating & other EEG biomarkers: Examining key EEG biomarkers for CNS drug development.
  • Behavioral readouts, translational approach: Focusing on the relevance of behavioral data in translational research.

Biotrial’s Commitment to CNS Drug Development

CNS breakfast series_biotrial

Biotrial is dedicated to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the CNS drug development community. For more information about upcoming CNS events and Biotrial’s initiatives, please feel free to contact us

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