Sample Management & Storage

All samples undergo an identification and reception verification process and are stored under dry ice and validated conditions between -20°C and -70°C. Freezer temperature is constantly monitored using an electronic system device and linked to an external security company.


We have decades of experience supporting the generics and drug interaction efforts of a wide and diverse international client base. We often work on multi-year projects especially for long enrolling studies and orphan drug indications.

Sample Reception & Inventory

BBS sample reception occurs at our designated site where they are inventoried to confirm condition and identification. All samples are then databased in Watson LIMS. Our laboratory is equipped for storage of samples of up to -80°C.  

  • GLP compliant setting
  • Emergency back-up electrical services
  • Onsite/Offsite Archive facility
  • Sample chain of custody via control documents and LIMS
  • Traceable and controlled monitoring of sample storage temperature
  • Secure and fit-for-purpose sample storage areas

Sample Storage

  • Walk-in -20ºC freezer
  • Significant sample storage capacity
  • Freezer units area at -70˚C
  • 24-Hour computerized temperature monitoring using a validated commercial software (Rees Scientific by Centron)
  • -20°C / -80 °C freezers
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