GLP Quantitative Bioanalysis using LC-MS/MS

  • Analytical technique combining the separating power of liquid chromatography (LC) with the highly sensitive and selective mass analysis spectrometry (MS).
  • Optimization of the LC-MS/MS
  • Method development by R&D Scientist, fine tuning via In-House Instrumentation Specialist.
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Our Fit-for-Purpose assays involve a series of tests to obtain optimal conditions for required concentrations and sensitivity.

Sample Preparation

Prior to sample injection into the LCMS system, we perform a series of quality control checks on the samples. This includes analyzing the samples against a calibration curve and using quality control samples. To extract the samples from their respective matrices, we employ various techniques such as liquid-liquid extraction, solid phase extraction, protein precipitation, or a combination of these techniques that have been developed by our team.

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LC Separation

This process separates the analyte(s) of interest from endogenous interferences and/or metabolites. Our scientists are at the chromatographic process forefront and have all the available resources for optimal method development.


MS Detection

Modern liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) with development of multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) mode for accurate, high-quality and simultaneous multi-analyte quantification.   

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  • AB Sciex
    • API 4000 LC-MS/MS
    • QTRAP®6500 LC-MS/MS
  • Shimadzu
    • SIL-20AC HT Autosampler
    • SIL-HTC Autosampler
    • LC-20AD Pumps
    • CTO-20A Column Ovens
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