Our experienced Pharmacokineticists offer non-compartmental and compartmental analyses and PK/PD analyses.

Our experience includes performing final analyses for PK endpoints as well as providing continuous PK reporting throughout a trial to assist sponsors in decision-making, e.g. for dose-escalation decisions.


For our Pharmacokinetics we use Phoenix WinNonlin® and SAS® software.
All analysis and reporting are based on FDA, EMA, and ICH guidelines, following trial needs as well as Biotrial/Sponsor SOPs.


Biotrial Biometrics Pharmacokinetics Pharmacodynamic Phoenix Winnonlin
  • Consultancy in PK & PK/PD
  • PK Analyses and Reporting: non compartmental and compartmental analyses
  • Interim analyses
  • Analyses for Dose Escalation Meetings
  • SDTM and ADaM PK datasets



Oversee and manage PK-related elements of a project including protocol development, analysis plan, calculation of PK parameters, PK report writing


In charge of all PK biostatistics activities on a given project, oversee programming of PK datasets and TFLs, discuss results with Pharmacokineticist

SAS Programmers

In charge of the programming of the SDTM & ADaM datasets and statistical PK TFLs

Participate in a clinical trial

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