Biotrial Rated Top Performer by Sponsors in Latest Phase I Service Provider Report from ISR

October 29, 2018

Moving Up

We are honored by the client feedback that we have received in the latest CRO Quality Benchmarking – Phase I Service Providers report from ISR. At Biotrial we are deeply committed to customer satisfaction. We begin with our Sponsors’ interests at heart and continue with the same intent throughout our collaborations. According to decision makers at Sponsor organizations, Biotrial was rated a “top [performer] overall” with high marks across the majority of the categories that were evaluated. Biotrial differentiated itself in many of these categories including operational excellence, patient and volunteer recruitment, responsiveness, and scientific knowledge.

We are tremendously pleased by this feedback, and want to share this with all Sponsors, past, present and future: our work and our commitment to you does not stop here. Everyone at Biotrial takes this feedback to heart and is dedicated to not only sustaining these positive qualities, but amplifying them. Kevin Olson, CEO of ISR Reports explains, “Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of Phase I CROs as rated by their customers is essential in choosing the right CRO for a project.”

We promise to do everything in our ability to assure Sponsors that Biotrial is the best possible choice for their specific project. An important part of our promise is to always be aware of how we can continue to improve.

We welcome your feedback at any time at This mailbox is monitored on a daily basis by real people who care about what you have to say.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again for your constructive and encouraging feedback!

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