Expanded EEG Capabilities with New Persyst Software Solution

July 20, 2018

Moving Up

At Biotrial, we believe in offering the highest quality to our sponsors in everything we do, actively seeking out the gold standard in trial equipment and software platforms. That is why we are pleased to announce our recent implementation of Persyst, the worldwide leader in EEG software, within our Central EEG services.

As part of our continuous effort to advance the accuracy of EEG assessments, Persyst gives Biotrial the leading edge in long-term EEG recording analysis for preclinical and clinical trials. The combination of our existing Central EEG services for translational EEG research and Persyst will enable highly competitive turnaround times and increased quality in spike detection and seizure detection. Biotrial’s Core Lab Director Philippe L’Hostis explains,

“Long-term EEG recordings for safety assessments greatly benefit CNS drug development. It is crucial to be able to provide feedback to investigators very quickly, and Persyst helps our neurologists deliver a reliable assessment on time, every time.”

Combined with EEG devices designed for ambulatory recording, this software will enable sponsors to set up continuous safety EEG monitoring more easily than ever before.

Another exciting outcome of implementing Persyst is its applications in non-clinical testing and translational medicine. As part of Biotrial’s translational EEG service, preclinical testing involving EEG methodologies is routinely performed. “This software shows very interesting capabilities in terms of non-clinical EEG analysis,” L’Hostis adds, “even if it is not specifically designed for that purpose.

The welcome addition of Persyst to Biotrial’s portfolio of CNS services will increase our ability to assist sponsors looking to develop novel CNS compounds and use objective measurements in assessing the activity and safety of those compounds. Persyst CEO Nicolas Nierenberg shares,

“Persyst is very happy that our advanced quantitative EEG capabilities will be contributing to this important research."

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