CNS Pharmacology

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  • Acute tests (elevated plus-maze, marble burying, social interaction)
  • Predator stress-induced cognitive deficit
  • Acute tests (forced swim test)
  • Subchronic/Chronic Models (Learned Helplessness, Olfactory Bulbectomy)
Panic Disorder
  • Lactic acid infusion i.v. following chronic GABAergic inhibition of dorsomedial hypothalamus


Positive Symptoms
  • Psychostimulant-induced Hyperactivity
  • Conditioned Avoidance Responding (CAR)
    • Can be used to evaluate add-on therapy


Negative Symptoms & Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Subchronic PCP-induced social withdrawal
  • Subchronic PCP-induced cognitive deficit

Neurological Disorders

Alzheimer’s Disease
  • ß-amyloid ICV injection
Parkinson’s Disease
  • 6-OH-DA lesion


Novel Object Recognition Task
  • Highly reproducible and robust data for 10 years
Set-shifting Task
Cognitive Deficit Models including:
  • Subchronic PCP
  • Scopolamine
  • Predator stress
  • Alzheimer’s model, i.c.v. injection of ß-amyloid


EEG in conscious rats using a wireless telemetry system (DSI).

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