Safety Pharmacology

Guinea-Pig Early Cardiovascular De-Risking

  • Anaesthetised and telemetered guinea-Pig
  • Rapid screening format for early detection of QT prolongation and other CV issues

Core Battery

  • Irwin Test / Functional Observational Battery
    • Rodents and large animals
    • We can adapt the test to your in-house protocol
  • Motor co-ordination
    • Rota-rod in rat and mouse
  • Convulsion threshold
    • Intravenous PTZ test


  • Anaesthetised and Telemetry models.
  • Rodents and large animals
  • Multi-frequency telemetry recording in pair-housed animals
  • High quality ECG in chronically-instrumented animals


  • Whole-body plethysmography in mouse, rat and guinea-pig
    (IV route of administration possible).

Supplemental Studies


  • Gastrointestinal System 
    • Gastric emptying
    • Gastrointestinal motility
  • Renal System
    • Diuresis
    • Electrolytes excretion
    • Creatinine Clearance

Orthostatic hypotension in telemetered animals (‘tilt test’)



  • Troponin I
    • Correlation with extent of cardiac lesions


  • Kidney Toxicity
    • Panel of biomarkers providing early indication of toxicity.


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